Madam Goya and her Black Market Auction House return in Dragonflight with two new locations!

The Waking Shores Black Market Auction House Location

The first BMAH is easily accessible in the first Dragon Isles zone — the Waking Shores. However, you can only browse auctions here, you cannot bid on items.

Take the flight point to Obsidian Bulwark and head straight to Steelsage Gao located at 43.08 67.43. 

Thaldraszus BMAH Location

The second location is just outside Valdrakken, the main city in Thaldraszus. Go to Little Scales Daycare (10.57.51) and jump down as shown in the screenshot.

You will now be just outside of the entrance to the Black Market Auction House in an area called The Petitioner’s Concourse (34.66, 60.50).

Inside, you’ll see Madam Goya and Mister Chu, her loyal guardian. Here, you can also bid on auctions.