There’s a whole lot of people waiting for that clock to strike midnight/your local launch time, and many have been gathering throughout the day at the boats and zeppelins, as the community awaits the launch!

The ship has arrived early

Counting down to Dragonflight with the realms!

Hold The Line !!!

Its that time again, Crowding the travel check point to the new zone

Aerie Peak US Horde is ready for launch!

Proudmoore [US] Dragonflight 1 hour befor lauch

Duskwood/Bloodhoof is ready for Dragon Flight. It’s been like this for two hours now.

So beautiful! Dragons…

There was also a last-minute Wratch Classic Death Knight creation bonanza as players tried getting their mounts, but Varian wasn’t cooperating.

The never-again-Oribos vibes are also very present.

See ya later, chore-ibos.

And finally, a prayer for the servers.

Today is the day


Enjoy yourselves in Dragonflight and take your time with the new expansion!