A lot of players really want to be done with and get out of the Shadowlands as fast as possible, but for one unfortunate vulpera, that wasn’t really possible. GreatAthlete6118 found themselves stuck in the afterlife after accepting the Shadowlands Chromie Time campaign, doing a few quests and binding their Hearthstone to Oribos.

As you can see from the image below, the portals that lead out of the land of death didn’t seem to get the memo that the expansion is now available from level 10 onward, and while there are alternative ways out, the poor little vulpera was stuck there for a time (and may still be there, waiting for a friendly Mage to show up).

There are also portals on the upper level where the flight masters are, but it seems those may have the same issue – and then there’s the nuclear option, destroying your Hearthstone and using the unstuck on the battle.net website.

Hopefully a Mage has/will come around soon to release this Warrior from a fate worse than afterlife death.