Here’s a very heartwarming and pretty extreme story, as a player actually went to another server, rolled up a fresh level 1 character to earn a LOT of gold and send it to thank another player for inviting them to a mount group – a process that lasted almost 5 months!

It all started with¬†Blind-nz becoming a mount collector, getting to 400, and then going for all the others that are still available. But then they came across Iska’s Mawrat Leash, which was a tricky one to get to begin with, due to a long respawn and having to kill the mount fast before the rider dismounts, but was especially difficult when fewer players were making groups. After months of farming, Blind-nz got invited to a group and finished off their quest. So far, so normal, right?

Well, the extreme part comes in after that, as Blind-nz wanted to thank the group leader for the invite, but the group disbanded too quickly. In comes a key screenshot to save the day, offering the name and server of this wonderful group leader.


And so Blind-nz decided to go to the player’s server, make a level 1 character and flip items on the Auction House until they gathered around 200K gold to send them (the price of a WoW token at the time). They went through a long process of trading up and expanding their auctions, and even decided to just keep going after reaching that 200K goal.

Finally, 5 months after that fated day of the mount drop and group invite, Blind-nz gathered up 1 MILLION gold and literally sent it to the group-invited via mail, with this note:


This is probably one of the most heartwarming things I’ve seen in the game, period, and it really goes to show you just how social WoW can be. Also, who says there’s nothing to do in the pre-expansion period!

Here’s the full and detailed post, well worth a read: