So, as we just saw the Liquid Sarkareth Mythic World First, we now also get to see the questline that comes with the Evoker legendary quest item drop! Liquid’s Sanghelios was the lucky recipient and has been streaming his journey! The Cracked Titan Gem starts it all off and let’s see where it all leads, as the quest leads to recipes for the legendary for blacksmiths, jewelcrafters and engineers (with the mats coming from a variety of sources).

We’ll know more about the quest and its requirements soon! The most relevant answer won’t be answered in the stream, unfortunately, and that’s whether the item drop has now been unlocked on ALL difficulties, or if it is still Mythic-only. It seems like Blizzard might want to get it into more players’ hands, so it could be unlocked for at least Heroic, but we just don’t know quite yet.