We have another hotfix batch arrive, bringing M+, PvP and AH improvements.

August 22 (Source)

Auction House

Addressed multiple issues causing degraded Auction House performance.

Fixed a bug causing Incoming Amount to display the incorrect value for sales of commodities in full stacks.


All Mythic+ dungeon tuning will occur during scheduled weekly maintenance in each region.

Iron Docks

Sanguine Sphere’s absorb now scales with keystone level.

Lower Karazhan

Galindre and Elfyra’s health reduced by 35%.

Winged Assistant’s Throw “Stuff” damage reduced by 40%.

Winged Assistant’s health reduced by 35%.

Galindre’s Flashy Bolt damage reduced by 30%.

Elfyra’s Defy Gravity damage reduced by 50%.

Atumen the Huntsman will no longer cast Intangible Presence.

Player versus Player

The minimum item level players are scaled up to in Solo Shuffle has been increased to 278, as intended.

[EU realms only] Fixed a bug that unintentionally decreased all players’ matchmaking ratings.