Today’s hotfixes focus on many raid and Mythic+ dungeon improvements and fixes.

August 5 (Source)

Dungeons and Raids

Fated Raids

Fixed an issue that could cause client and server latency after bosses are defeated.

Fated Castle Nathria

Sire Denathrius

Improved the client and server performance caused by Echo of Sin’s Painful Memories.


Grimrail Depot

Grom’kar Captain’s Reckless Slash will now be cast less frequently.

Skylord Tovra

Improved the visual effect on Spinning Spear.

Iron Docks

Fixed an issue where Siegemaster Olugar’s Gatecrasher could become stuck on players.

Fleshrender Nok’gar

Burning Arrows now have a visual effect indicating where they will impact.

Return to Karazhan: Lower

Improved the visual effect on Ghostly Philanthropist’s Pennies From Heaven.

Lord Crispin Ference’s Will Breaker is now more visible.

Attumen the Huntsman

Spectral Charge no longer damages pets.

Return to Karazhan: Upper

The Curator

Fixed an issue causing Volatile Energy to fixate on pets.

Mana Devourer

Mana Devourer will once again cast Decimating Essence upon reaching full mana.

Energy Void damage reduced by 65%.

Resolved an issue that caused Coalesce Power to drain more mana than intended.