We have some new patch notes for D2R, as Blizzard detail more QoL changes, Sundering Charm tuning, Terror Zone improvements and more!

October 3 (Source)

Gameplay/Quality of Life

Fixed an issue where item labels would stretch and become distorted while the character menu was open.

Fixed an issue that prevented players with underscores in their Offline character’s name from playing a game.

Fix an issue that allowed for character movement while in a loading screen.


Made additional improvements to localization translations.

Sundering Charms

Conviction and Lower Resist effectiveness will be 1/5 effective even after a Sundering Charm’s applied effects. (This change will go into effect on October 6 once Ladder Season Two begins).

Terror Zones

Fixed an issue where the UI would not properly display chance to hit against higher level Terror Zone monsters.

Fixed an issue where Terror Zone warning messages were inconsistently populating.

Added an indication next to the automap to inform the player where the current Terror Zone is specifically located.



“TreasureClass1”, “TreasureClass1(N)”, “TreasureClass1(H)” -> “TreasureClass”, “TreasureClass(N)”, “TreasureClass(H)”

“TreasureClass2”, “TreasureClass2(N)”, “TreasureClass2(H)” -> “TreasureClassChamp”, “TreasureClassChamp(N)”, “TreasureClassChamp(H)”

“TreasureClass3”, “TreasureClass3(N)”, “TreasureClass3(H)” -> “TreasureClassUnique”, “TreasureClassUnique(N)”, “TreasureClassUnique(H)”

“TreasureClass4”, “TreasureClass4(N)”, “TreasureClass4(H)” -> “TreasureClassQuest”, “TreasureClassQuest(N)”, “TreasureClassQuest(H)”

“TreasureClassDesecrated”, “TreasureClassChampDesecrated”, “TreasureClassUniqueDesecrated”

“TreasureClassDesecrated(N)”, “TreasureClassChampDesecrated(N)”, “TreasureClassUniqueDesecrated(N)”

“TreasureClassDesecrated(H)”, “TreasureClassChampDesecrated(H)”, “TreasureClassUniqueDesecrated(H)”


“passivestat7”, “passivecalc7”, “passivestat8”, “passivecalc8”, “passivestat9”, “passivecalc9”, “passivestat10”, “passivecalc10”


“TC Desecrated”

“TC(N) Desecrated”

“TC(H) Desecrated”