The new season brings new hotfixes! We have some Covenant, Fated raid, Mythic+, PvP, and quest fixes today, covering pretty much all the bases.

August 2 (Source)



Fixed an issue that allowed Effusive Anima Accelerator’s (Forgelite Prime Mikanikos Soulbind) explosion to strike enemies that were not within line of sight of its point of impact, causing players to unintentionally engage enemies through floors and walls.

Dungeons and Raids

Fated Raids

Fated Castle Nathria

Fixed an issue where Raid Finder difficulty was erroneously granting enemies less stats than intended.

Fated Powers

Reconfiguration Emitter now shows an additional visual effect while immune to damage before the first interrupt to improve its clarity.


Operation: Mechagon – Workshop

King Mechagon

Magneto-Arm now scales with the Tyrannical affix instead of the Fortified affix.

Items and Rewards

Fixed an issue where Mountebank’s Colorful Cloak dropped at the incorrect item level.

Player versus Player

TheHyperthread Wristwraps effect has been disabled in Rated Battlegrounds or Arenas.


[NA Realms] Fixed an issue preventing players from receiving credit towards the quest “Crossing Fate.”

Developers’ note: We’re working on a fix that will accurately reflect the progress that was made for those affected by the bug. We’ll update the Hotfixes once that fix has been deployed.