We have a big batch of new hotfixes for Shadowlands Season 4 and Burning Crusade Classic.

August 3 (Source)




Fixed an issue that could cause Blade Flurry damage to break Vanish under certain conditions.

Fixed an issue that could cause bonus Sinister Strike hits to break Vanish under certain conditions.

Dungeons and Raids

Fated Raids

Fated Castle Nathria

Fixed an issue causing some boss abilities to inflict too much damage and causing some player abilities to inflict too little damage.




Zul’gamux Blood Barrier absorb reduced by 33%.

Return to Karazhan: Lower

Fixed an issue where players could exchange Keystones with Ta’hsup even if they failed to complete the dungeon within the time limit.

Opera Hall: Westfall Story

Fixed an issue that would cause the encounter to prematurely end if either Toe Knee or Mrrgria were defeated before the other.

Fixed an issue where Shoreline Tidespeakers could continue casting after being defeated.

Maiden of Virtue

Holy Bulwark absorb reduced by 20%.

Attumen the Huntsman

Improved the visual clarity on Intangible Presence.

Return to Karazhan: Upper

Shade of Medivh

Fixed an issue causing Flame Wreath’s visual effect to linger after the encounter ends.

Heroic Dungeons

Fixed an issue where rewards were dropping at the incorrect item level.

Items and Rewards

Fixed an issue where the Eternal Aspirant’s Gavel and Eternal Aspirant’s Crescent could not be upgraded.

Fixed an issue where Adera offered some Nathrian weapons from Raid Finder difficulty instead of Normal.

Eternal Gladiator’s Prestigious Cloak and Eternal Gladiator’s Tabard now have new appearances.


[NA Realms] “Crossing Fate” quest credit should now accurately reflect the progress that was made. To receive the missing credit, affected players will need to log into the game and enter Oribos before next week’s weekly raid reset.

The quest item for “Castle Nathria: Getting a Head” now drop from Fated Castle Nathria.

Burning Crusade Classic

The Nagrand quests “In Defense of Halaa” and “Enemies, Old and New” no longer grant any quest credit for killing players more than 5 levels lower than you.