In one of the stranger changes to the Dragonflight UI, Blizzard decided to remove the silver dragon frame from rare mobs and replace it with something… less prominent. Rare elites will still keep the gold frame, so the visual will not be removed altogether, but regular rares will be downgraded to a much less prominent marker. As you might imagine, removing something as iconic as the frame left players none too happy, with a thread on the WoW reddit garnering over 5,000 upvotes and quite a few (hundred) comments, so we’ll be taking a look at some of them, with the main consensus being that an addon will soon pop up to simply return the frame, and a general bewilderment at the change even happening in the first place.

And here are some of the more interesting comments:

Countdown to an addon being made to add the dragon. ?mcmanybucks

Silver dragon should never go away. It’s iconic. Huge mistake if permanent. – ThatOneGiantofAMan

On the beta, there was a big star on my minimap. I figured it was a rare, so I went searching for it in a cave. Took me a while to find it in between the other mobs, because I was expecting some sort of indicator that it was a rare mob, and I completely missed the tiny skull+star underneath its name. I think players should be able to tell right away if a mob is rare, and whilst some of the newer ones may be obvious, think of some of the older ones. Imagine a new player missing a rare in Redridge because it’s just a spider and they didn’t notice the new indicator. –Rambo_One2

I remember playing WoW for the first time back in 2007, i didnt know how to do much but first time I encountered a rare I had no idea what the silver dragon means, but I knew this mob was special cuz i never seen it before. I honestly don’t know why blizzard thinks it needs to be changed when it did its job well – Thunderboltgrim

I didn’t even notice the Skull+ on the new one until you said something and I went back up and looked.
Really poor use of design principals here. Even if they wanted to get to something so plain, they should have done a series of small changes to teach existing people what to look for…
And that’s not even taking into account how they took something iconic and hit it with a super “meh” – pixelprophet

I get that less is more, but there’s also the feel of the UI to take into consideration. Immersion frankly starts with the interface. Consider things like Oblivion’s interface being set up like your character’s journal, God of War’s interface oozing aesthetic, Dragon’s Dogma having a little animation of your character drawing on the map.
Things like these make the UI part of the game world, not just a gameplay feature. – IAmRoofstone

Mists of Pandaria had one of the best zone rare systems.
Each zone had a rare Jinyu, Hozen, Pandaren, Saurok, Yaundol, Mogu, Mantid.
You knew pretty quickly which rare mob you were missing from a zone by species and the loot was decent enough to warrant at least one kill. Multiple for some of the items to disenchant or if it was valuable (xp elixir, gold drops).
I remember having my brother in my party as I ran a route in Jade Forest of rare mobs so I could press the Disenchant button on the loot roll. – Seyon

I really hope they add the silver dragon back, it’s such an iconic WoW thing – xin16

Blizzard seems to be going for the ‘minimalism’ look with everything recently, and it doesn’t work well for video games – whomad1215

I could stop a thousand people on the street who have never played a video game in their life and ask which one they thought looked better and I don’t think a single one would have said the right one. – ZGiSH

Forget which looks better and start asking which one better indicates a mob is “of importance”. And you’d get the same answer, I guarantee you 99% of people would say the dragon.
A UI is about communication, and changing a UI should only really happen when there are areas of the UI that do not communicate things clearly enough.
This entire UI redesign doesn’t feel like it’s solving ANY issues, it feels like someone wanted to change stuff for the sake of change, and that motivation almost always ends up with a worse UI in terms of functionality. – Sketch13

An expansion about dragons, and removing that badass dragon portrait frame? But…why? Why not just give it a little shine and polish instead if they want to update it. – xRyuAsh

Let’s see if Blizzard take the comments to heart or if addon makers will indeed have to come to the rescue once again!