In an attempt to enhance the “Single Player Experience” for those who prefer their Final Fantasy stories solo, the Duty Support system gives players an option to do just that in dungeons. Now, in the inter-ARR patches and Heavensward, we catch a glimpse of what to expect.

When the Duty Support System was first introduced in Shadowbringers, it really added an entirely new depth to the storytelling. We got to see in real-time how the Crystal Exarch and Lyna reacted to Holminster Switch. We got to see Thancred’s wit in the halls of Dohn Mheg. Most people still opted to run with other players for the sake of expediency, but those who wanted to smell the proverbial roses enjoyed runs with their fellow Scions.

In 6.1, we received an expansion to that system that extended into ARR. With its announcement, there was a lot of speculation as to what NPCs we would receive in our parties. Would the Scions join us in ARR, or other allies we’ve met along the way? Unfortunately with A Realm Reborn, we were given a pretty disappointing roster. Four nameless adventurers; A Roegadyn Marauder, an Elezen Dragoon, a Lalefell Thaumaturge, and a Hyur Conjurer. Many were hoping for familiar faces to enhance the experience.

Well, thanks to 6.2’s trailer (which you can watch here), we have glimpses of the dungeons and what we can expect. We catch glimpses of Ysayle fighting alongside us in a dungeon, as well as our number one hype man Haurchefaunt. This implies that our companions and allies through Heavensward will be joining us and adding their own commentary! 

Likewise, they’ll be adding a few Trials to the system to test them out and see how it goes with a party of NPCs, as Trials are a bit more mechanic-heavy. 

With Ysayle and Haurchefaunt confirmed to fight at our side, who else are you excited about? Personally, having Aymeric as my Paladin tank would be just swell in my book. Let us know your thoughts on the expansion of this system!