With the upcoming release of Patch 6.2, both Crystalline Conflict Season Two and PvP Series One will be coming to a close. Be sure to participate in some PvP before August 23 if you want to earn series rewards or find a place on the Crystalline Conflict rankings!

View the official notices below for more details on the end of the season.

Crystalline Conflict Season Two Ending Soon! (Source)

The competition has been fierce, but Season Two of Crystalline Conflict will soon draw to a close with the release of Patch 6.2!

Once the season has ended, players will receive rewards according to their overall rank and tier within each data center.
* Players must participate in at least one ranked match during the season in order to receive tiered rewards.

The final results will be announced on Tuesday, August 23, so give it your all and prove yourself the fiercest fighter on the crystal line!

View the Crystalline Conflict Rankings page.

PvP Series 1 Ending on August 23 (Source)

PvP Series 1 will be available until the start of Patch 6.2 maintenance.

PvP Series rewards will be updated when Series 2 begins, so take to the field of battle before Tuesday, August 23 and earn those rewards!

Participate in PvP to Earn Series Rewards

Participate in PvP content during the Series period to earn Series EXP and increase your Series level to unlock various exciting rewards!

* At the start of each new Series period, your Series EXP and level will be reset and the available rewards will be replaced.
* Any trophy crystals earned will be carried over to the new Series.




Claiming Your Rewards

Rewards from Series 1 can only be claimed until the end of Series 2.

For reference, you can confirm the progress of your current Series as well as Series EXP needed to earn your next reward by navigating to the Character menu, selecting PvP Profile, and finally Series Malmstones.