Holy Paladins received a talent revamp in the latest Dragonflight Alpha build. Here are the highlights.



Tyr’s Deliverance – Releases the Light within The Silver Hand for 10 sec, yourself, healing an injured ally within 15 yds for [ 37.5% of Spell Power ] every 1 sec.


Beacon of Light – Wrap a single ally in holy energy, causing your heals on other party or raid members to also heal that ally for 50% 30% of the amount healed.

Crusader Strike (Rank 3) renamed to Radiant Onslaught.

Saved by the Light – When an ally with your Beacon of Light is damaged below 30% health, they absorb the next [ 400% 200% of Spell Power ] damage.

Rule of Law –  Increase the range of your heals and the reach of Mastery: Lightbringer by 50% for 10 sec.

Beacon of Virtue – All affected allies will be healed for 50% 30% of the amount of your other healing done. Your Flash of Light and Holy Light on these targets will also grant 1 Holy Power.


Crusader Strike (Rank 3) renamed to Radiant Onslaught.

New Talents

Paladins received the following new talents in Alpha Build 44999.

Avenging Wrath: Might (NYI) – Call upon the Light to become an avatar of retribution, increasing your damage and healing 20% for 20 sec. Combines with other Avenging Wrath abilities.

Barrier of Faith (NYI) – Imbue a friendly target with a Barrier of Faith, healing them for [ 65% of Spell Power ]. For the next 18 sec, Barrier of Faith accumulates 20% of effective healing from your Flash of Light or Holy Light spells. Every 6 sec, the accumulated healing becomes an absorb shield. (Instant, Costs 9.5% of Base Mana, 25 sec cooldown, 40 yd range)

Blessing of Autumn – Bless an ally for 30 sec, causing their cooldowns to recover 30% faster.

Blessing of Spring – Bless an ally for 30 sec, increasing their healing done by 15% and healing received by 30%.

Blessing of Summer – Bless an ally for 30 sec, causing their attacks to have a 40% chance to deal 30% additional damage as Holy.

Blessing of Winter – Bless an ally for 30 sec. Their spells and abilities deal [ 5% of Attack Power or 5% of Spell Power ] Frost damage and reduce enemies’ movement speed by 5% and attack speed by 2%, stacking 10 times.

Breaking Dawn – Increases the range of Light of Dawn to 40 yds.

Consecration – Consecrates the land beneath you, causing [ 45% of Attack Power ] Holy damage over 12 sec to enemies who enter the area. Limit 1.

Divine Resonance – After casting Divine Toll, you instantly cast Holy Shock every 5 sec. This effect lasts 15 sec.

Divine Revelations – While empowered by Infusion of Light, Flash of Light heals for an additional 5%, and Holy Light refunds 1% of maximum mana.

Echoing Blessings – Blessing of Freedom increases the target’s movement speed by 5%. Blessing of Protection and Blessing of Sacrifice reduce the target’s damage taken by 5%. These effects linger for 8 sec after the Blessing ends.

Empyrean Endowment – Judgment empowers your next Templar’s Verdict to automatically trigger Divine Storm with 25% increased effectiveness. This effect can only occur every 30 sec.

Empyreal Ward – Lay on Hands grants the target 15% increased armor for 60 sec.

Executioner’s Wrath – Execution Sentence now instead deals 15% of the damage taken from your abilities during its active time to the target and nearby enemies within 8 yards.

Execution Sentence – A hammer slowly falls from the sky upon the target. After until cancelled, they suffer [ 282% of Attack Power ] Holy damage, plus [ 250% of Attack Power ]% of damage taken from your abilities in that time.

Eye of Tyr – Releases a blinding flash from Truthguard, causing [ 56.7% of Attack Power ] Holy damage to all nearby enemies within 8 yds and reducing all damage they deal to you by 25% for 9 sec. (Instant, 1 min cooldown)

Focal Light – Beacon of Light transfers an additional 10% of the amount healed.

Holy Crusader – Increases your mastery by 2%.

Illumination – Holy Light and Flash of Light healing increased by 10%.

Maraad’s Dying Breath – Light of Dawn increases your next Light of the Martyr by 10% for each ally healed, and allows that Light of the Martyr to heal through Beacon of Light. Light of the Martyr damages you over 5 sec instead of instantly.

Sacred Shield – Protects the target with a shield of Holy Light for 30 sec, absorbing up to [ 1 + 130.6% of Holy Spell Power ] damage every 6 sec. Only one target can be affected at a time. (Instant, 40 yd range, 6 sec cooldown)

Sanctified Ground – Your Consecration is 15% larger, and you cannot be slowed below 80% of normal movement speed within Consecration. This effect lasts for 2 sec after leaving Consecration.

Scintillation – Holy Shock has a 5% increased critical strike chance.

Sealed Verdict – Your Holy Power spending abilities increase the damage of your next Blade of Justice by 8%.

Seal of Wrath – Judgment has a 25% chance to cast again and deal [ 28% of Attack Power ] extra Holy damage to the target.

Shining Savior – Word of Glory and Light of Dawn healing increased by 5%.

Unending Light (NYI) – Each Holy Power spent on Light of Dawn increases the healing of your next Word of Glory by 5%, up to a maximum of 45%.

Untempered Dedication – Light of the Martyr’s damage and healing is increased by 8% each time it is cast. This effect can stack up to 5 times and lasts for 15 sec.