There are several changes coming to Dragonriding on the DF Alpha, from better movement options to a brand new /follow system where players become whelps! 

Dragonriding (Source)

Hello Dragonriders! With today’s update to the alpha, we’ve made a few changes that deserve their own callouts.

We’ve updated the double jump Launch and Skyward Ascent to both be more reliable in their directionality and movement.

We’ve re-tuned the turn rate for dragon isle drakes to be more lenient, including a feature wherein the player’s turn rate scales with speed – lower speeds feature quicker turns, while top speeds still come with a need for slightly more planning.

We’ve made some updates to the Dragonriding trait window, bringing the zone unlocks and basic skills into the same pane as the unlockable traits for Dragonriding.

We discovered early in Alpha that we’d need a solution for players who rely on /follow or similar features to engage with World of Warcraft, as following wasn’t immediately compatible with Dragonriding. To address this, we’ve added “Ride Along”. Dragonriders can speak with Lithragosa (the Dragonriding Trainer) to opt into this new functionality. With Ride Along on, a player in your party may interact with your Dragon Isle Drake to transform into a whelp that will follow alongside your drake. If you are someone who has relied on /follow or have other players help guide you around Azeroth (or find Ride Along to be an interesting accessibility option for other reasons), please try this feature out and share your feedback with us!

Thank you all for your continued feedback and discussion.