There’s only a few days left to get the jellyfish-looking Fathom Dweller mount, as the World Quest for it will only be around for the rest of this reset for both EU and US realms (as spotted by thestray and floofmcbuns)! As we mentioned before, this one has a tendency to be away for a long time (as long as 6 months) so you should get this done while it’s available, although it does have a relatively involved quest line to make it show up (which we’ll go through below).

We have seen some players report not having found the quest over the past two weeks it’s been available, and a common reason for this was that you need to unlock Legion World Quests be completing the Uniting the Isles quest (and also going through all the steps outlined below as well).

Here’s the mount and some cool concept art (courtesy of Wowpedia) :


And here are all the steps you need to complete to unlock the quest for the mount:

First, download a WoW Addon that shows you coordinates to figure out where you are and where you need to be. Something like MapCoords or TomTom will do.

Head to Broken Shore 37/71 and talk to Drak’thul.

Head to 57/52 and enter the Musty Cave. Click on the Mound of Dirt that is hard to notice. You will receive Weathered Relic.

Return to 37/71 and talk to Drak’thul again and go through all his dialog options.

Now comes the more difficult part. You must click on 10 Hungering Orbs in the exact order. If another player clicks on them, it takes approximately 20 minutes for them to become clickable again, so they have a cooldown. Here are coords for all the Hungering Orbs:

Azsuna: 37/37: The first orb is located in a secret cave behind the tree.

Stormheim: 33/75: The second orb is located in a cave where Kangaxx is.

Val’sharah 41/80 Find another secret cave located inside a tree. The third orb is guarded by an Elemental. 

Broken Shore 31/76: You will find an underwater cave that hides the fourth orb.

Azsuna 59/12: Behind the crystals is yet another secret cave. The fifth orb is located on the ground next to a broken table.

Stormheim 67/14: Near the underwater shark is a crevice that leads to a cave that contains the sixth orb. Try to avoid the steams, as they deal high damage. This orb may be the most difficult for you to get.

Highmountain 52/36: Enter the Haglands and follow the path to your right. Above halfway down (55/36), you want to jump down to a ledge with a cave. Do not enter the first cave since it’s a decoy. Instead, turn right and head to the actual cave to find the seventh orb.

Azsuna 54/26: Under the bushes near a tree is another secret cave. The eighth orb is somewhat hidden, too, located in a bush near a pillar inside the cave.

Broken Isles World Map 50/91: Find underwater wreckage to get through a secret cave. This one is hard to explain, so we advise you to check out MadSeasonShow’s video (timestamp). You will find the ninth orb to your right.

Broken Shore 37/71: Head back to Drak’thul and click the final orb on the table behind him.

After you click it, the DANGER: Kosumoth the Hungering World Quest spawns at 46/49 on the Broken Isles World Map. Kill Kosumoth to receive Fathom Dweller. Note that you have a chance to get the Hungering Claw instead of the mount. It just so happens that the reward is the mount right now.

Check out the video guide by MadSeasonShow for more details!