Vault of the Incarnates is the first 8-boss raid of the Dragonflight expansion. We’re looking at the raid bosses, loot item level, and more.

Boss List


Terros – The Primalists have shaped Terros from the earth itself, creating a brutal force of destruction to unleash on their foes. Though their work is unfinished, Terros is fully prepared (and eager) to break the bodies of anyone who dares disturb him.

The Primalist Council

Sennarth/Shirenk, The Cold Breath

Dathea, Ascended – Dathea is empowered by Raszageth after the defeat among The Primal Council and now commands the power of the wind. Defeat is not an option.

Kurog Grimtotem – Kurog Grimtotem, master of the Primal Elements, prepares to unleash his most devastating creations. Unless stopped these creatures of storm, fire, ice, and earth will wreak havoc across the whole of Azeroth.

Broodkeeper Diurna

Raszageth the Storm-Eater

Item Levels

All difficulties are currently listed as dropping Item Level 398 gear which will change in future Alpha builds.

Tier Sets

The raid bosses drop class tier set tokens that you can use to create a soulbound Vault of the Incarnates Class Set item appropriate for your class. Evokers share slots with Warriors, Rogues, and Monks.