It’s been a while since the WoW community was this much in agreement over a new piece of content, but Dragonflight seems to have brought an instant classic to the quest archives, with one of the simplest ones ever.

There are dozens and dozens of reddit and forum posts talking about how much this one quest affected them and how good it was – and all it is is a dragon with a dwarf visage talking! And it’s got the perfect name too: Stay a While.

This small quest where you don’t fight, explore or collect is one of my favourite quests in all of WoW. Dragonflight so far feels super refreshing and grounded.

I came here to fly dragons not cry ;-;

[SPOILER] I love these types of side quests… Please keep it coming! /cry

I just got some dust in my eyes… from you know… the dragonriding…

“Stay a While” one of the best quests

That lonely Dwarf… I was not prepared!

The Vritistraz “Quest”.

There are many more posts about it, mostly crying-related as well.

Not since the Runas the Shamed questline has the community been this much in awe of the story side of WoW, and it’s a beautiful thing to see, especially since it’s such a powerful way to show how important the actual world is to Warcraft, as the view itself is half the quest.

Here’s the full quest if you want to check it out, but if you’re playing Dragonflight, you should really wait and get there yourself to experience it properly.