Blizzard have updated the known issues list today. Here are the new additions, and for the full list, you can head over here. 

Known Issues (Source)


Shadowlands Conduits may display incorrect statistical values on their tooltips. This is a visual bug only.

User Interface

Cast bars may appear behind some UI panels.

Unit Frames can unintentionally snap to another area when too close to the party frame.

The Recruit-a-Friend tab is not displaying correctly on the social window.

Action Bars 6-8 are enabled when selecting Default reset in Options.

The HUD Tooltip element is displaying on top of the settings window the element.

Finishing the Exile’s Reach experience can print “START” & “END” into the chat.

The Guild and Communities window selection for custom icon for new community appears oversized.

Inspecting out-of-range players shows your own talents.


The Interact Key sound cue sound does not play when you are able or unable to interact with an NPC.