Here’s an extremely handy accidental upgrade for all you fishermen out there, as the Dragonflight pre-patch brought a potentially extreme quality of life upgrade for rod-enthusiasts! The new interact hotkey feature has the potential to completely remove the mouse from fishing, as you can just use the fishing hotkey, followed by the interact one once the bobber moves/you hear the sound (as spotted by Fjorsaken1)! Many players are concerned it’s a little too good to be true, and are expecting it to be nerfed, however, due to potential for botting.

And here are some advanced tips and a crucial note from the comments:

I just tried this. Multiple times. What i found out:
It works flawlessly, but:
The bait has to be closer to you than ANYTHING ELSE. No pet, no random npc, no critter, no nothing. Then the interact key will always click the bobber. Mouse position is irrelevant. – Truckermouse

If that’s true then you don’t even have to look at the screen, just fish by the sound. I see how this could be exploited, so I am expecting a nerf. To use this method you have to set these CVars:
/console SoftTargetInteractArc 2 (This will allow you to interact with the bobber no matter which way you are facing.)
/console SoftTargetInteractRange 30 (This increases the interaction range to 30 yards) – NoNick1337

In case you weren’t aware, here’s where you can enable the interact hotkey: