Blizzard seems to have added damage multipliers to Legion raids for Level 70 characters on the Dragonflight Beta, making it easier to solo of Mythic Legion raid bosses.

According to Reddit reports, Blizzard has added damage multipliers for max-level characters in Legion raids on the Beta.

We went to try Mythic Tomb of Sargeras with a Havoc Demon Hunter @ilvl 335.

All the bosses were extremely easy and we didn’t take any damage up to the Fallen Avatar where you must properly place the boss so that he doesn’t destroy all the platforms as Molten Fel deals ticking damage (was about 10K health).

Kil’jaeden’s Rupturing Singularity dealt 40,2K damage which is quite a lot when you have 132K health and must soak multiple, so you’ll need some personal cooldowns and heals to get through that phase. But otherwise, you take down his health really quickly.