Here’s another pretty crazy Classic Hardcore story, except this one has nothing to do with the in-game part!

Disconnect deaths are nothing new and are pretty standard in the Hardcore community. Router resets, internet provider outages, bad routing and the rest are common, with power outages a little less so but just as deadly. Well, this particular player almost suffered from the latter during a dramatic fight with a regular spider outside Loch Modan.

It was only a level 10 so not that terrible even if it did die but, as Toufles found out after the fact, the reason their power was cut is… very specific.

And to top it all off, they even had a UPS backup so their power wasn’t cut at all, but the internet was!  Luckily only the Voidwalker died defending their master, and the Warlock survived the spider’s attack thanks to a quick mobile hotspot switch! Luckily the driver that crashed into the power pole was also ok, so a very happy ending.

Here’s the full story:

So… watch out for jeeps I guess?