Everyone loves data! Today, we’re looking at some interesting numbers for Dragonflight Season 1, including total logged keys, timed/depleted keys distribution, depletion rates per dungeon, and more!

The data comes from Raider.io and the infographic was created by Floppy012.

The amount of M+ runs in Season 1 so far equals 31.7 million. 6.45 million are depleted keys and 25.2 million are timed keys.

The most-timed dungeon is Shadowmoon Burial Grounds with 4.63 million runs. In Halls of Valor, players depleted the most keys in Season 1 (1.03 million).

Here is an interesting graph with depletion rates per dungeon after Valor has been uncapped.

The OP also provided two additional graphs with stats when Valor was capped

Finally, here’s a graph with data after the first week of Season 1.

Source: Reddit