Here we are in Mythic+ Season 2 at last and, unlike the raid, we did not have anything to check out during its first week, so we’ll be comparing directly to the Season 1 rankings, before all the original 10.1 tuning came in, not to mention the additional S2 stuff.

Note: The logs are based on POINTS, and not actual damage or healing, meaning they log the timed completion for the specs, with higher keys getting more points, obviously. The time in which the dungeon is completed is also a factor, but a much, much smaller one, as it grants very few points if you do it significantly faster than just any in-time completion. We’re also using the Normalized Aggregate Scores numbers, for clarity, meaning the top spec is marked as 100 and then the rest are ranked in relation to that peak point.

This week still is:


All Keys

95th percentile DPS

The more things change, the more they stay the same – and there’s nothing more “same” than Subtlety sitting at the top of Mythic+! We may have (sort of) gotten rid of Fire’s near-permanent stay at the top in recent months, but the Rogue spec is just not going anywhere. And while Fire may be a little further down, Arcane is absolutely the spec of the hour, both here and in raids, as it gets that cozy 2nd spot all warmed up for itself – after rising all the way up from the very bottom since last season. Balance rose a little as well, 3 spots into 3rd, mirrored by Shadow’s 3-spot fall, while Destruction stayed pretty much in the same place. Then comes Fire which is just waiting for its chance, as the all-time Mythic+ king will reign again. Havoc is down while Outlaw and Fury are up, and Enhancement closes out the top 2 only a few spots lower than before. Affliction and Frost DK remain at the bottom, now joined by Beast Mastery, who is not having a fun time this season so far.

Mythic+ All Keys 95th Percentile Data by Warcraft Logs.

All Percentiles

Things are a little different in the generalist bracket, but very similar to where we ended in Season 1. Destruction is the main change here compared to the high percentiles, staying put in 2nd, and Balance is making the same moves as in the higher bracket, 3 up here as well, while Outlaw remains in it’s pre-S2 4th spot. That’s when Arcane comes in, also out of the bottom 3 into the top, just ahead of Havoc which lost 3 spots. Marksmanship is representing Hunters in 9th as Fury closes out the top 10.

Mythic+ All Keys All Percentile Data by Warcraft Logs.


The tanks actually had quite a bit of an upheaval as Brewmaster moved 2 up into 1st (and 2 is a LOT here), pushing both Paladin and DK down. Guardian and Prot also changed spots, as the Warrior is now down in the dumps.

Tank All Percentile Data by Warcraft Logs.


Healers remain very stable with the top 2 remaining solid, but Discipline and Holy Pala move one up after that, leaving Resto Druid 2 down in 5th.

Healer All Percentile Data by Warcraft Logs.

For even more in-depth data for each individual key head on over to Warcraft Logs. And if you’re interested in more info on the specs themselves you can always check out our class guides, as well as our Mythic+ guides and Mythic+ tier list.