After a whole lot of work and looking into every detail and factor, the Icy Veins Mythic+ spec tier list for Dragonflight Season 1 is ready! Well, ready in terms of the information available now, as it will be constantly updated as new information and tuning comes along.

Our guide writer Petko put the list together and you can (and very much should) read the full page as it has a LOT of very detailed information for each of the specs and why there are where they are, but for now let’s take a look at the S tier ones. You can find the tank and healer rankings there as well. 

Havoc Demon Hunter (S-Tier)

Windwalker Monk (S-Tier)

Outlaw Rogue (S-Tier)

Unholy Death Knight (S-Tier)

Feral Druid (S-Tier)

Click here for the rest of the list and more details

Mythic+ Healer Rankings                     Mythic+ Tank Rankings