Check out the latest Druid changes that went live in the first Dragonflight Release Candidate build!


Improved Prowl is now available to all specializations.


Moonkin Form – Shapeshift into Moonkin Form, increasing the damage of your spells by 10% and your armor by 125%, and granting protection from Polymorph effects.


Brutal Slash is now usable in Bear Form.


Maul – Maul the target for [ 85.53% 119.73% of Attack Power ] Physical damage.

Guardian of Elune – Mangle increases the duration of your next Ironfur by 2 3 sec, or the healing of your next Frenzied Regeneration by 20%.

Ursoc’s Endurance – Increases the duration of Barkskin and Ironfur by 1.0 2.0 sec.