Here’s an easy way to obtain Item Level 366 starter gear in Dragonflight.

Make sure War Mode is turned on. If it isn’t, visit Stormwind/Orgrimmar, press “N”, and Enable War Mode in the bottom right corner of the UI.

In Valdrakken, visit Gladiator’s Refuge at (entrance at 40.7 44.69) and turn right as you enter. You will see Fieldmaster Emberath <War Mode Quartermaster>, selling Item Level 366 gear for Bloody Tokens.

How Much Bloody Tokens Does the Gear Cost?

Helm, Legs, and Chest cost 500 Bloody Tokens.

Shoulders, Gloves, and Feet cost 350 Bloody Tokens.

Cloaks, Bracers, and Belt cost 200 Bloody Tokens.

Weapons: 400 Bloody Tokens (One-Hand), 800 (Two-Hand).

Drakebreaker’s Set Bonuses

Wearing 2/4/6 pieces of Drakebreaker’s GGear activates the following set bonuses:

(2) Set: Versatility increased by 105.

(4) Set: When you are stunned, harden your resolve, absorbing up to 51,779 damage for 10 sec. Cannot occur more than once every 2 min.

(6) Set: Killing enemy players grants Breaker’s Frenzy, increasing versatility and movement speed by 2%. Can stack up to 10 times.

Drakebreaker’s Gear can be further upgraded to Item Level 385 with Trophy of Strife.

You will also need the lower item-level version of the item you’d like to upgrade.

How to Get Bloody Tokens?

Blood Tokens come from World Quests in Dragonflight. Look at the World Map, which quests will reward them.