It’s the first Sunday of the month and Darkmoon Faire is available this week. Don’t forget to complete quests for skill points, Profession Knowledge, and Artisan’s Mettle.

Darkmoon Profession Quests increase your skill by 2 points and provide 3 Profession Knowledge along with 15 Artisan’s Mettle. You can complete them only once every month, these are not dailies.

Profession Quests are available for all Professions. In this article, I’m including Jewelcrafting and Enchanting quest examples since they are my primary Professions. The quests are easy and straightforward, you just collect a few items on the isle and turn them in.

Enchanting Quest

Jewelcrafting Quest

If you didn’t turn in this week’s “Aiding the Accord” and the bonus event quests, you can do so now for more reputation.