Find out how to get the secret Temperamental Skyclaw mount in Dragonflight.

To get the mount, you need obtain 20 pieces of 3 types of food. These are:

20x Flash Frozen Meat

20x Gnolan’s House Special

20x Tuskarr Jerky

If you don’t want to bother farming them, you can buy all the items in the Auction House.

How to Obtain Flash Frozen Meat

Flash Frozen Meat will only start dropping after you complete a quest line at the Snowhide Camp. called “True Survivors“. After that, you’ll be able to farm Flash Frozen Meat from Frost Gnolls at Snowhide Camp in the Azure Span.

How to Obtain Gnolan’s House Special

You can obtain Gnolan’s House Special from Gnolls in the Brackenhide Water Hole area highlighted on the map.

How to Obtain Tuskarr Jerky

Finally, Tuskarr Jerky will drop from any gnolls, so you will see it drop while you farm for the other two dishes. Jerky can be farmed at Brackenhide Water Hole or Snowhide Camp.

Once you have 20 of each of the items, you want to go to Three-Falls Lookout.

There, talk to Zon’Wogi who is the Stable Master in the area and pick the “Ask about the saddled slyvern” option. Then you want to offer the food to the NPC by selecting the “Present Zon’Wogi with the collected dishes.” option and he will give you Temperamental Skyclaw .

If you prefer a guide in video format, you can watch MrGM’s linked video.