Here’s a weird (and awesome one), as the Dragonflight Alpha datamining has dug up a true treasure. It seems there’s a Mrrglblight (aka WotLK’s Dragonblight + Murlocks’ uh.. Mrrgl?) map, featuring all the locales “translated” to the Murlock “language”!

Caught by dataminer Simaia (@keyboardturn), this is looking very similar to the other historical maps that have been found, and may see players experiencing some past event through a Murlock’s eyes, and probably even playing as one. This may actually be a pretty solid hint as to what the other maps are as well (Pandaren Revolution, The Black Empire etc.), as it’s more likely we’ll just be seeing past events through other character’s eyes – if this map is related to them, that is.

Whatever this is, it is absolutely brilliant and I can’t wait to play it. Murlock dragons incoming?

a dungeon or scenario or something maybe called Mrrglblight with “translated” murloc place names

— Simaia – might post spoilers-ish ? (@keyboardturn) July 14, 2022

Also if I may throw in another completely random piece of speculation in here – perhaps this is related to that absolute unit of a potential Murlock mount we’ve seen before?