Primal Storms offer a currency players can turn in for item level 252 gear, but how many essences are required to fully gear a character?

When you start a new character and need a piece of gear for every slot, you must farm 525 Primeval EssencesHowever, according to reports, this should be relatively easy and doable in under two hours if you use the pre-patch event for levelling.

Primeval Essences

Sources are plentiful and you should not have an issue getting a character to item level 250 in no time.

Invasion bosses drop between 20-30 essences per kill.

Elites drop 5 essences.

When you turn in the quest started by Sigil of Storms, you will receive 60 essences.

Non-elited imbued creatures drop 1-2 essences.

The quest offered by Khadgar, where you collect 10 motes, rewards 30 essences.

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