Find out more about the leveling experience and how long it takes to level up your character to Level 70 in Dragonflight based on the current Beta experience.


The following post is based on MrGM’s video from the first Dragonflight Beta build. Please keep in mind everything is subject to change at any time during testing.

Video Highlights

There’s no Threads of Fate system currently implemented on the Dragonflight Beta, but it appears World Quests unlock when you complete the campaign, even when you’re not at max level.

Dragonflight has 4 new leveling zones and the cap is raised to level 70.

At item level 280+ you’re unlikely to replace gear until level 65+.

You won’t reach max level just by doing the main campaign, you’ll also have to finish some side quests; due to certain roadblocks like level 66 needed for the Azure Span or 68 for the Thaldraszus campaign.

All zones have 4 campaign chapters.

Dragonflight contains no intro; there’s a simple quest in Orgrimmar and Stormwind to get you to the Waking Shores.

30 minutes into the Waking Shore, you’ll unlock Dragonriding. At this point, you can unlock all Dragonriding glyphs to upgrade your drake.

It took around 13 hours casually leveling through Dragon Isles to reach Level 70.

There are four Dragonriding dragons, you’ll get one in each zone.