The first Diablo 4 Campfire Chat has concluded and we have a summary of everything important that was announced and clarified during the stream. The event featured Diablo general manager Rod Fergusson, game director Joe Shely, associate production director Tiffany Wat, and associate director of community Adam Fletcher.

Pre-Season 1 Changes

These are the hotfixes coming very soon to the game:

Nightmare dungeon Sigils will teleport you directly to the dungeon.

You will be able to use a new Nightmare Sigil right after you complete a Nightmare dungeon.

Nightmare dungeon experience will be increased.

Druids receiving Barbarian uniques issues will be resolved soon.

World boss caches that currently require high levels to open will be changed before Season 1.

The maximum amount of materials you can hold will be increased (from the 9,999 limit in place today).

The devs are examining the situation where Hardcore played died on loading screens while invulnerable (like the recent Quin death).

Season 1 Changes

We’ll have to wait a little bit more for these:

The map will remain revealed from Eternal realm.

Altars of Lilith will remain unlocked from Eternal realm.

Renown will be gained from both of the map reveals and Altars.

There may be additional Renown things that remain from Eternal realms to seasonal ones.

Season 2 Changes

Gems are moving to the Materials tab!

Significant changes are coming to resistances, to make the stats more powerful and worthwhile.

The Hardcore Scroll of Escape will be automatically used when a player disconnects.

The team also reported that the game has surpassed 350 million hours played and that most players have not finished the campaign!

It was also noted that all these changes are just the start. Diablo 4 is a live service game and will continue to evolve and adapt to it community as it goes on. Hopefully, a lot of player concerns have been addressed here, and we’ll see even more addressed in the future!

And here’s the full Campfire itself: