Today’s hotfixes for the Dragonflight pre-patch bring a whole lot of UI improvements as well as some class fixes.

November 3 (Source)


Fixed an issue where some class abilities were inappropriately snaring certain bosses and boss mechanics.


Beast Mastery, Marksmanship

Fixed an issue where Alpha Predator did not increase the damage of Kill Command for Beast Mastery or Marksmanship Hunters.



Fixed an issue where Malefic Affliction would be removed when reapplying Unstable Affliction to the same target.

User Interface and Accessibility

Fixed an issue where the Void Storage NPC could not be interacted with if the UI was close with the ‘Esc’ key.

Fixed an issue where “Friendly Players” option appeared twice in the Interface options menu.

Fixed an issue that caused gamepad bindings to disappear for ranged characters.

Fixed an issue where the cast bar would disappear when casting a spell while in edit mode.

Fixed an issue where max background FPS was uncapped if max foreground FPS toggle was unchecked.

Fixed an issue where users were getting an error when updating their UI through edit mode.

Fixed an issue where some non-PvP items were displaying PvP tooltips while browsing in the Auction House

Fixed an issue that was causing memory leaks for some Mac users when Alt-Tabbing.

Fixed an issue where some transmogs were not displaying correctly on Worgen when changing forms.

Fixed an issue where several objects in the Legion Mage Class Order Hall appeared unlit.