An early look at trinkets from the first Dragonflight raid and their effects.

All-Totem of the Master

EffectAll-Totem of the Master – Enter an Elemental Stance. Successfully dodging or parrying an attack has a chance to unleash a powerful Elemental Counterattack to enemies in front of you as you assume the next stance.

Broodkeeper’s Promise

EffectBroodkeeper’s Promise – Designate another player to bond with, becoming their Guardian for 60 min. While bonded, you and your ally gain [medium] Versatility and restore a medium] amount of health per second. If you are within 15 yards of one another, these bonuses are increased.

Conjured Chillglobe

EffectConjured Chillglobe – If your mana is above 65%, toss the Chillglobe at your target, inflicting 65 Frost damage. If your mana is below 65%, instead drink from the Chillglobe to restore 65 mana instantly. (Instant, 1 min cooldown)

Decoration of Flame

EffectDecoration of Flame  – Stomp the ground, commanding flames to radiate outward from your position, dealing [medium] Fire damage to enemies struck and granting you a [medium] shield for 6 sec. After a delay, the flames return, dealing the same damage and refreshing the shield. Damage and absorption are increased for each enemy struck, up to 5 enemies. (Instant, 2 min cooldown)

Desperate Invocation

On-Equip EffectDesperate Invocation – Casting spells grants stacks of Hatred, permanently lowering this trinket’s cooldown by 1 second until combat ends.

On-Use Effect: Desperate Invocation – Let loose a dangerous current of lightning, dealing [Big Number] Nature damage to your target and [low] damage to yourself. Self-damage increases with your stacks of Hatred. (Instant, 4 min cooldown)

Diamond Deathsnare

EffectDiamond Deathsnare – Casting spells spins Crystalline Silk, granting [low] mastery per stack. At X stacks, your next single-target spell deals [high] bonus Frost damage, encasing them and enemies within 10 yards in a Crystalline Web for X seconds. While the web persists, a portion of the damage you deal is shared across all enemies in the Web.

Manic Grieftorch

EffectManic Grieftorch – Channel for 2 seconds, unleashing a furious volley of flame around your target, dealing [A Lot] fire damage. Whenever an allied player dies, this cooldown is reduced by 90 seconds. (Instant, 2 min cooldown)

Mark of the Primal Oath

EffectPrimalist Oathsworn – Swear your oath to the Primalists to become Marked by Frost, increasing your Critical Strike by [medium amount]. Fighting alongside allies who are Marked by Earth or Fire has a chance to grant you half of their Mark’s stats for 12 seconds.

Rumbling Ruby

EffectRumbling Ruby – Your attacks slowly build Concussive Force, granting [low] attack power per stack. At X stacks, your next 3 melee abilities emit a shockwave in front of you, dealing bonus Nature damage to all enemies in a line. Shockwaves deal more damage to enemies at high health.

Spiteful Storm

EffectSpiteful Storm – Casting and attacking builds stacks of Spite. At 5, a Spiteful Stormbolt arcs towards your current target, dealing [low] nature damage over 3 seconds. Upon expiration the bolt returns, increasing the amount of Spite needed by 1 and permanently increasing Spiteful Stormbolt’s damage against them until either of you die.

Storm-Eater’s Boon

EffectStorm-Eater’s Boon – Accept the storm, becoming a Primal Air Elemental and immobilizing yourself for X seconds. While in this form, your melee attacks and abilities gain range and have a very high chance to summon Windbursts at your target’s location, dealing [low] nature damage around them. (Instant, 3 min cooldown)

Way of Controlled Currents

EffectWay of Controlled Currents – Your critical strikes have a chance to build Static Electricity, granting 2% attack speed per stack. At 10 stacks lightning surges through you, increasing your movement speed by 30% for 12 seconds. While surging, your auto attacks jolt your target and 1 nearby enemy for 898 Nature damage.