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On Friday March 31st, part one of the 6.4 live letter was held, revealing new information about what’s in store for us.

The live letter begins with introductions including special guest President of Square Enix Yosuke Matsuda. Matsuda gives thanks to all 14 players for their time playing the game during his time at Square Enix, projected to come to an end in June 2023. He reflects on his fond memories and the great passion 14 players have for the game. He hopes that players continue enjoying 14 into the future.

Square Enix Director and next President Takashi Kiryu then joins the stream bringing his very own FFXIV Stratocaster guitar. He gives some introductions, mentioning he plays a Healer in FF14 and struggles with instant dungeons.

Matsuda encourages the others to continue working their hardest on FF14!

Kiryu states his intention to continue the spread of FF14 across the world and wants to continue to create games that people love. Kiryu loves to play 14 with his wife who plans out their adventures! Before taking his leave he asks for the FF14 team to continue working hard for the players.

What’s to come in 6.38 – Tuesday April 4th

Pandamonium Abyssos Savage weekly restriction on loot removed

PvP action adjustments

Crystalline Conflict Season Six begins

NA Data Center hardware replacement – all the game database and character database hardware will be replaced

Yoshida speaks of his time at PAX – the first time he’s done a presentation outside of fan fest, and the long time since giving presentations overseas – since 2018. Many fans told him of how FF14 had improved their lives and it made him very happy to hear it.

Patch 6.4’s name is “The Dark Throne” and will be released late May.

Content to come in 6.4

New Main Scenario Quests

They speak of a difficult road ahead in the MSQ. It’s been a while since we saw Krile in the story – she appears in one of the preview slides

Fan favorite Zero will continue to play a role in the MSQ in 6.4

Tataru’s Grand Endeavor


6.35 somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures

Further Manderville Weapons in 6.45

New splendorous tools in 6.45

New Dungeon – The Aetherfont

Image shows some Icy sea area with polar bears. Yoshida speaks of MMO fans connection to polar bears. He also comments on the cuteness of the creatures seen in the picture. They wonder where this is? Sharlayan? What are the buildings for he wonders.

New Trials – The Voidcast Dais and The Voidcast Dais (Extreme)

New Unreal Trial – Containment Bay Z1T9 (Zurvan)

New Raid – Pandemonium Anabaseios

Anabaseios Savage will release one week after the launch of patch 6.4

Yoshida comments on the need to rebalance the bosses in 6.2 and they are keeping a close eye on it this time. The image features shows some sort of celestial looking tree and crazy looking white monster. They are currently working on adjustments for this content, and will talk a little more about it in the Live Letter part 2 – including the rewards!

New Variant and Criterion Dungeon #2 (Patch 6.45) – Mount Rokkon

Will also feature three levels of difficulty – Normal, Criterion and Criterion (Savage)

Completion of the Sil’dihn Subterraen is not required.

The image shown features a Hingan style house and interior

Duty Support for Stormblood

Duty Support system added for all 4.0 Dungeons, the 4.x dungeons will come later. They show a screenshot of trust NPCs featuring Gosetsu, Hien and an Au’ra character.

PvP Updates

Series Four begins

Season Seven of Crystalline Conflict begins

Frontline Adjustments

New UI element displaying match time and score – similar to Crystalline Conflict

The Fields of Glory (Shatter) rules adjusted

The Borderlands Ruins (Secure) Temporarily unavailable while they make bigger changes and add a new map (not sure if to secure or a new thing separately)

Blue Mage Update 6.45

Players have been waiting for Blue Mage updates – Yoshida thanks everyone for their patience.

Level cap raised to 80

New spells and blue mage exclusive gear added

New enemies added to the masked carnival

Screenshot shows a Blue Mage mimicking an ability from Innocence

After the break the hosts talk about Eorzean Symphony and how it is the first time in a while they’ve been able to have an in-person event, and look forward to all those to come. Yoshida speaks of how more and more keeps happening as the years go by.

Ocean Fishing Updates

New route – towards Kugane

There will be more new types of fish on the voyages

They marvel at the scenery as seen in the image from Kugane harbor. A second screenshot shows a scene in the Ruby Sea. Isn’t it going to take a long time to get here from Limsa Lominsa? Yoshida wonders aloud.

Island Sanctuary Updates – “isn’t this quick”

New Sanctuary ranks and visions

New gathering area in the wilds

New construction plots in the hideaway

New item rewards

New materials, craftable items, crops, animals and isleworks handicrafts

Features an image of a spriggan on a giant rock in the Pasture

New Structures – screenshot shows a tall clock tower

Support for outdoor furnishings to be added to the hideaway – Yoshida says they had been wanting to add this for the release. Furnishings can be placed near structures – with a total of 90 slots able to be unlocked via Island Sanctuary progress. More info on adding furnishings will be explored in part 2

As not all people are able to decorate outdoor yards due to limited player housing he hopes this will be welcomed by more people. Special furnishings like striking dummies and gardens will not be supported. As an aside Yoshida mentions that something he spoke about during PAX was the possibility of expanding available housing item slots in the future.

Miscellaneous Updates

Allagan tomestones of comedy will be added – translation from the Japanese name is similar to “Divine Comedy”

Maximum number of gear sets will be increased to 100 – up until now the number of gearsets available was based on how many jobs a player had leveled and some other factors – now all 100 will be available to all players from the beginning. They hope this will allow for an easier time with glamour. While he understands players may want expanded glamour features they have their limits but will continue trying to improve it as they go forward.

Job icons will now be displayed in the chat log and on player nameplates – chat log icons will only display within parties and alliances.

The transaction fee for items sold on the market board can now be incorporated into their total price, displayed under total. He comments about how this is a kind of glum update but they want to make it easier for the players!

Glasses and wing fashion accessories will now display when engaged in battle in the overworld.

Items stored in a variety of locations can now be selected when casting glamorous in an inn room – e.g. including items in the glamour dresser for the regular glamour interface. They want to expand this to other places but for now just the Inn

Fairy glamorous are now available to Scholars – select from Eos, Selene or Carbuncle

Please look forward to more details about the above changes in part 2 of the Producer’s Live Letter.

Other Updates

7.0 Graphical update previews will start to be shown during Fan Festivals – these will really focus on the future of Final Fantasy 14! 7.0 Will continue support for the Playstation 4 so players on that platform need not worry.

Fan Festival 2023/24 Official Merchandise round 1 preorders will begin. All of these should be delivered to customers before fanfest – and merchandise is not restricted only to fanfest ticket holders.

Preorders for NA 3/31 to 4/21~ scheduled for delivery from 7/14

Preorders for Europe 3/31 to 4/21~ scheduled for delivery from 7/28

Preorders for Japan available for preorder already ~ scheduled for delivery from 7/28

10th Anniversary of FF14 collaboration fireworks and music event in Osaka 8/26

We hope this info was helpful to you, and we will continue recapping the live letter in the future!
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