We have some more phase 2 pre-patch hotfixes with class fixes, the enchanting vellum issue resolved, Evoker legacy loot fixes and more!

November 23 (Source)


Fixed an issue where Alliance players attempting to complete Pilgrim’s Peril were unable to get credit for sitting in the Undercity Bountiful Table in past Tirisfal Glades.


Demon Hunter

Fixed an issue that prevented Infernal Armor ‘s damage value from increasing with its second rank.



Fixed an issue where Orbital Strike and Goldrinn’s Fang would always critically strike when affected by Balance of All Things.


Quell can no longer be used while hexed.


Fixed an issue causing Lightning Shield, Water Shield, and Earth Shield to be removed when logging out, entering instances, or when dying.

Lightning Shield now lasts 60 minutes (was 30 minutes).



Fixed an issue where Fel Sunder could not be applied by multiple Demonology Warlocks.

Items and Rewards

Fixed an issue where Evokers were not eligible to roll on many legacy items.

Adjusted the sell value of some items to better reflect their values before the recent item level adjustments.


Fixed an issue where Shadowlands enchants could not be applied to Enchanting vellums.

Developers’ note: This fix will temporarily prevent enchants that were available prior to Shadowlands from being applied to Enchanting vellums. This new issue will be fixed shortly after the release of Dragonflight.