After next week’s maintenance, you can use the Revival Catalyst to convert Season 1 gear into Tier Sets. Our latest post goes over the details.

Revival Catalyst Intro Quest

Can be picked up at Watcher Koranos in Valdrakken at the Seat of the Aspects.

Fly to Tyrhold to complete the quest.

Where is the Dragonflight Catalyst Located?

The entrance is located at 59.53 53.71 in Thaldraszus.

Here, talk to Antuka, who will have a follow-up quest for you to unlock Revival Catalyst charges. The quest progress is account-wide and shared between all characters.

Dragonflight Creation Catalyst Charges

The charges are called Renascent Lifeblood – Renascent Lifeblood charges the Revival Catalyst and allows it to imbue armor with incredible power You can have a maximum of 6 charges per character.

What Gives Credit Toward the Weekly Revival Catalyst Quests?

For the quest, you must complete “group content throughout Dragonflight and fill a bar to 100%.

Clearing dungeons and killing raid bosses gives 25% credit toward the quest.

Siege of the Dragonbane Keep, Grand Hunts, and the Storm’s Fury Event taking place in Primalist tomorrow will grant you 10% toward the progress.

Winning Battlegrounds, Solo Shuffle and Arena Matches gives 10%.

Other sources of quest progress remain unknown for now.

When you complete the quest you will be able to convert your first Season 1 item into a Tier Set piece of an equivalent slot.

What Dragonflight Season 1 Gear Can Be Converted into Tier Sets ?

PvP Gear

Loot from Mythic Dungeons

Great Vault Loot

Vault of the Incarnates Raid Loot

Loot from World Bosses

Epic (Upgraded) Loot from Primal Storms and World PvP

How Does the Revival Catalyst Work?

When you collect a Cataclyst charge, you will be able to transform 1 item into a Tier Set piece. You must click the + button and select the eligible item you would like to convert.

The Catalyst UI shows you the output item. Converting an item into a Tier Set piece will consume the Season 1 item.

Items that do not occupy a Tier Set slot will be converted into random gear pieces from the Vault raid. Therefore, you should only convert such items for transmog purposes.