Here come notes for future Hunter changes coming on the Dragonflight Beta.

Hunter (Source)

Going to make a quick post addressing Binding Shot before making a follow-up post.

We still feel like a root that doesn’t break from damage is not a good thing to have in the game, because it’s not at all clear why it works differently than other roots. That said, Binding Shot is a powerful tool Hunters have to manage some situations where you want to both do high damage to a group of enemy targets, as well as have control over their ability to chase you.

We’re changing Binding Shot from a root that breaks on damage to a 3 second stun.

There are some other minor Hunter changes we wanted to discuss, but wanted to address Binding Shot specifically.

There’s some other minor Hunter changes coming in a future build, and we also wanted to talk about the new Lesser Dragonkin pet family.

Class Tree:

Improved Traps and Rejuvenating Wind should actually have their places swapped. Really this time.

Concussive Shot will now replace Wing Clip, and no longer requires a ranged weapon.

Wing Clip Focus cost reduced by 10. This was a rank 2 upgrade that was incorrectly not baked into Wing Clip.

Fortitude of the Bear should have all of its interactions properly setup now with Command Pet, tenacity pets, as well as Lone Wolf Marksmanship Hunters.

The Kindred Beasts PvP talent has also been updated to work with Fortitude of the Bear.

Lesser Dragonkin
As some of you may have noticed, there’s a new pet family you can tame creatures from, the Lesser Dragonkin.

Lesser Dragonkin are a Ferocity pet.

Lesser Dragonkin have a new pet family ability, Shimmering Scales. This reduces your pet’s magic damage taken by 70% for 8 seconds, on a 90 second cooldown.

Cloud Serpents have had their pet family changed from Serpents to Lesser Dragonkin, but the ability to tame Cloud Serpents has not been changed in any way.

Lesser Dragonkin taming is currently planned to be a reward from the Valdrakken faction.

Lesser Dragonkin includes creatures like the new Hornswogs from Dragonflight, or the Feathered Drakes in Ardenweald, or even some of the Faerie Dragons in places like Feralas.

Have a nice weekend everyone.