Starting December 12, a new outdoor event will become available on live servers, allowing players to obtain item level 359-385 gear without participating in group content.

Periodically, Primal Storms will appear on the map of the Dragon Isles. Primal Storms are very similar to the Dragonflight pre-patch event.

Zones with active primal storm locations will be highlighted on the map with an icon. The red X marker on the map is outdated and will be replaced with a different icon on live servers.

Mobs in active Primal Storm locations will be empowered and affected by the Elementally Imbued buff.

When you enter a Primal Storm there is a bar you need to fill to 100% to spawn a Primal Invasion boss

Primal Storm mobs will drop Elemental Overflow, which you can turn in for Rare Item Level 359 gear in Valdrakken. You can farm an unlimited amount of Elemental Overflow each week.

The gear also comes with set bonuses, which activate upon wearing 2/4/6 pieces of a set.

2-piece: Increase your highest secondary stat by 226.

4-piece: When you kill an enemy that yields experience or honor, gain a Spark of the Primals. Once you reach 5 stacks, your next single target offensive ability will launch a devastating elemental attack.

6-piece: Fatal damage causes primal energy to overload, granting immunity to all damage and harmful effects for 8 sec. Can only be used outdoors in the Dragon Isles.

Primal Invasion Bosses will drop quest items, which can be turned in for Storm Sigils. You can only get 4 sigils per week. Sigils can be exchanged for Item Level 385 gear in Valdrakken.

You must purchase the rare Item Level 359 gear first before upgrading it to Item Level 385.