We’re getting a peek inside the Tyrhold, the giant structure used as a rock climbing wall in the Dragonflight intro cinematic, and there’s a lot to it! Here’s what the official Dragonflight deep dive has to say about it:

You’ll also be able to find Tyrhold here in Thaldraszus. Built by the Titan keeper, Tyr, this ten-thousand-year-old Titan technological marvel houses great aqueducts that reach across the valley. It was Tyr who helped the Aspects fight Galakrond and when they came to settle in the Dragon Isles, it was he who built this facility. Even though Tyr is long gone, the dragons still hold him in reverence. The Titan keepers have continued to maintain Tyrhold while the dragonflights have gone on to take part in an incredible amount of history as the defenders of Azeroth.

And here’s what Simaia managed to dig up:

ok I found ACTUAL Tyrhold idk what that bootleg one was I found earlier lmao
it’s still massive as ever, even includes rooms on the side pic.twitter.com/gATDJZDG5h

— Simaia – might post spoilers-ish ? (@keyboardturn) July 17, 2022

And the earlier “bootleg” find referenced above:

Looking at the main city tower – there appear to be I think ~5 levels of the city. It’s also kinda circular but not as bad, will have to see as it develops. There seem to be teleporters, likely with dialogue options to port around the city, and plenty of room to fly. pic.twitter.com/A0PaDyanwF

— Simaia – might post spoilers-ish ? (@keyboardturn) July 17, 2022

And here’s the structure from the outside, courtesy ofSoulSoBreezy:


And the one from the cinematic: