We’ve compiled all the information currently known about the Dawn of the Infinite megadungeon coming in Patch 10.1.5.


The Bronze Temple has lain dormant for millennia, awaiting a time when its dragonflight would return. But just as the bronze dragons have reclaimed their scared temple, dark forces now threated to overtake it. Will the infinites take hold of the Timeways and bring about the rise of Murozond? The champions of Azeroth must venture into time itselt to ensure that the future remains a bright one.

Dungeon Entrance

The dungeon entrance is located in the Temporal Conflux, Thaldraszus.


The dungeon is only available on Mythic difficulty and will most likely be split into two wings in the future, as was the case with previous megadungeons.


The dungeon houses 8 bosses. Below, we include the boss list (beware of spoilers).


Bosses drop Item Level 421 loot. Currently on the PTR, loot isn’t upgradeable (might be an oversight or just NYI).

Full Run

You can watch a full run of the megadungeon in the included video, courtesy of MrGM.