Are you a fan of Stardew Valley? What about Harvest Moon? I have some great news – Patch 6.2 is almost here, which means the highly anticipated Island Sanctuary is soon arriving in Final Fantasy XIV!

First teased in Endwalker’s announcement showcase last year, Island Sanctuary is a relaxing game mode created to allow FFXIV adventurers to learn the benefits of “slow living.” The upcoming content will allow players to raise animals, grow crops, and let their minions roam the land. As I’ve gushed about in previous posts mentioning Island Sanctuary, I’m a huge fan of relaxing and comfy farming simulators, so I’m extremely excited for this patch release!

No prior experience in crafting or gathering will be necessary to access the island, and each player’s progression will be unique. Those who have previously found crafting and gathering to be therapeutic will likely enjoy this casual, personal experience within FFXIV.

During last month’s Live Letter, we gained some new insight on what’s to come in our Eorzean island paradise. Come late August, players will be able to:

Build various facilities (including a customizable base of operations) on their island,

Gather materials from nature, which are island-specific and will take up separate inventory space,

Craft tools from materials to become more efficient in harvesting,

Create handicrafts to sell for island-specific currency and rewards, and

Unlock flying for the map through island progression. 

If you loved visiting other players in Animal Crossing, you’re in luck, as you can also visit your friends and host visitors in the new game mode!

Although no Island Sanctuary gameplay footage has yet been publicized, Yoshida did tease a photo of how huge the map is during the recent Live Letter. Take a look at the Roegadyn in the screenshot below to see the vast amount of space we’ll receive for island progression!

There is another Live Letter slated to air next Friday, meaning we will likely learn a bit more about Island Sanctuary and hopefully see some video footage of the upcoming content. According to the previously released patch roadmap, we can anticipate two more updates to Island Sanctuary throughout the remainder of Endwalker, including an upgrade to the island’s already sizable area! 

Are you as hyped as I am to cultivate your own Island Sanctuary in Eorzea? I’ll be documenting my experience throughout posts here on Icy Veins, in addition to sharing tips and tricks I pick up during my time developing the land. Please look forward to it!