Here’s a bit of nice community news, as Preach put out a very funny video to announce he’s visiting the Blizzard campus, and it’s not just as a tourist either!

— Mike (@PreachGaming) October 24, 2022

As you’ll recall there was a bit of drama as Preach stopped playing the game for a year or so (even having announced he’d no longer be covering the game), and then subsequently did not get invited to the Dragonflight Alpha. That in turn caused a lot of the community to both start assuming Blizzard had blacklisted Preach and asking that they give him the Alpha (although there was also a portion of the community which did not want him to get it). All that in mind it’s really nice to see a true WoW veteran “making up” with Blizzard and at the very least getting some valuable feedback in directly to Blizzard, although there might be even more to this than a simple exchange of ideas. Nothing has been announced yet on either side, but anything is possible, as Preach even tweeted out this teaser message before the video:

I’m definitely not doing anything awesome right now.

— Mike (@PreachGaming) October 23, 2022

So whatever it is that’s happening over at the Blizzard campus, we’re very happy to see players and the devs getting along (and doing pretty damn funny sketches while they’re at it)!