Here’s another masterpiece made in Minecraft, as EternalDawnbt and friends took it upon themselves to recreate the iconic death of Deathwing from the End Time dungeon’s alternate future. The scene itself has always been one of WoW’s more striking visuals, despite only being relevant for that one singular dungeon, and it’s looking just as impressive in Minecraft! The project took a couple of months to finish and you can also check it out in Minecraft as well from here.

And here are some comments adding more info about the project:

We created the pieces that are still good first. and then added the destroyed parts. So there have never been an restored build of this version.

Uhm good question. We started an year ago but stopped for a few months. So i would say maybe a few months

Its all build in minecraft. So everyone who wants to can explore it ?

This joins the many impressive Minecraft WoW recreations, including Stormwind and Orgrimmar, Dalaran, Tomb of Sargeras, Arathi basin,  and probably the most impressive we’ve seen so far, Atal’Dazar.