The old world Dragonriding courses have arrived on the 10.1.5 PTR and we got our first look at one of them! MrGM posted a run in the classic Barrens zone (not WoW Classic, just regular language classic), as the course goes through the fissure left by Deathwing back in Cataclysm. It seems like a pretty straight-forward run, so the “Grand Prix” title may not actually mean that all the courses are difficult.

It’s going to be really great having more reasons to fly through the old zones at crazy speeds, and just generally being able to Dragonride in the old world!

Here’s a preview of one of the Dragonriding Races in Kalimdor coming in Patch 10.1.5 the “Barrens Divide Dive”

— MrGM (@MrGMYT) May 23, 2023

So far the rewards from the Grand Prix are a cosmetic armor set and a Dragonriding customization.