Renown is returning in a simplified form in Dragonflight along with four new Major Factions.

Renown in Dragonflight

When you finish the main Dragonflight campaign, you can start increasing your Renown with the four Major Factions.

The Renown cap on launch is 30.

Renown rewards are account-wide.

Check out our Renown guide for Dragonflight to learn more about how to increase your standing with the new factions!

Major Factions in Dragonflight

Four major factions will be available at Dragonflight launch.

You must gather 2,500 reputation to increase your Renown with a faction by 1.

We have guides for all the factions linked below.

Dragonscale Expedition

A joint expedition of the Explorer’s League and Reliquary, this fearless group of adventurers, scholars, and crafters seek to uncover the many mysteries of the Dragon Isles.

Dragonscale Expedition Reputation Guide for Dragonflight

Iskaara Tuskarr

Iskaara Tuskarr Reputation Guide for Dragonflight

Maruuk Centaur

Maruuk Centaur Reputation Guide for Dragonflight

Valdrakken Accord

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