We have the development notes for today’s PTR, which is also the very first release candidate. 

October 11 (Source)

Take a look at what to expect with this week’s update to the PTR:





Shattering Bone – Damage reduced by 40%. Now properly deals increased damage when Tombstone consumes multiple Bone Shield charges.


Everfrost – Damage per stack increased to 6% (was 4%).

Biting Cold – Increases Remorseless Winter damage by 35% (was 30%).

Chill Streak – No longer costs runic power. Now costs 1 Rune.


Class Tree

Soul Rending – Metamorphosis leech bonus reduced to 5/10% (was 10/20%).


Metamorphosis – Duration reduced to 24 seconds (was 25 seconds).

Improved Chaos Strike – Bonus Chaos Strike damage reduced to 10% (was 15%).

Improved Fel Rush – Bonus Fel Rush damage reduced to 20% (was 25%).

Initiative – Bonus critical strike chance reduced to 12% (was 15%).

Momentum – Bonus damage reduced to 8% (was 10%).

Essence Break – Bonus to Chaos Strike/Blade Dance damage reduced to 80% (was 100%).

Furious Gaze – Duration reduced to 10 seconds (was 12 seconds).

Shattered Destiny – Fury spent per cooldown extention increased to 8 (was 7).

Dancing with Fate – Bonus to Blade Dance final slash damage reduced to 20/40% (was 25/50%).

Growing Inferno – Bonus per tick Immolation Aura damage reduced to 5/10% (was 8/15%).

Burning Wound – Damage over time effect reduced by 20%.

Burning Wound – Bonus Immolation Aura damage increased to 50% (was 45%).

Burning Wound – Fixed a bug that was causing Immolation Aura damage bonus to be applied twice.

Ragefire – Portion of damage saved per critical strike reduced to 40% (was 50%).


Class Tree

Natural Recovery – Effectiveness reduced to 2/4% (was 3/6%).


Umbral Embrace – Now increases the damage of Wrath and Starfire by 25/50% (was 50/100%).

Astral Smolder – Now causes targets to languish for an additional 20%/40% (was 4%/8%).

A new connection exists between Lunar Shrapnel and Force of Nature.

A new connection exists between Orbit Breaker and Astral Communion.

A new connection exists between Rattle the Stars/Starweaver and Wild Mushroom.

Warrior of Elune has been moved to row 10.

Sundered Firmament has been moved to the right side of the tree.

Nature’s Balance has been moved to row 2.

Stellar Innervation has been moved to row 5.

Stellar Inspiration has been removed.

Twin Moons has been moved to row 5 and is no longer a choice against Stellar Flare.

Orbit Breaker – Triggers every 30th Shooting Star (was every 20th).

Astral Communion – Generates 60 Astral Power (was 75).

Primordial Arcanic Pulsar – Triggers after spending 600 Astral Power (was 300).

Sundered Firmament – Now creates a Fury of Elune at 20% effectiveness (was 25%).

Elune’s Guidance – Reduces the Astral Power cost of Starsurge by 5 (was 10) and the Astral Power cost of Starfall by 8 (was 15).

Rattle the Stars – Reduces the cost of Starfall and Starsurge by 5% per stack (was 10%).

Starsurge – Costs 40 Astral Power (was 30). Damage reduced by 35%.

Starfall – Damage reduced by 35%.

Shooting Stars – Generates 2 Astral Power (was 3). Damage reduced by 50%.


Reforestation – Now on the Personal Resource Display.

All healing spells reduced by 10%.


Beast Mastery

Dire Beast – Damage increased by 400%.

Barbed Shot – Damage reduced by 23%.



Arcane Surge – The spell damage bonus from the Rune of Power cast from Arcane Surge is now applied to its damage. Mana regeneration reduced to 425% (was 450%), and damage reduced by 30%.

Arcane Missiles – Damage reduced by 25%.

Arcane Power – Spell damage reduced to 20% (was 25%).

Arcane Echo – Now scales with Mastery. Damage reduced by 25%.

Enlightened – Increases Arcane damage by 6% while above 70% Mana (was 8%).

Mana Gem – Cooldown now reduced by Shifting Power.

Touch of the Magi – Now accumulates 20% of damage (was 25%).



Attenuation – Cooldown reduction can now trigger up to 10 times (was 5).


Ancient Teachings – Now has a 30 yard range (was 20 yards). Now on the Personal Resource Display.

Secret Infusion – Increased stats granted to 8/15% (was 5/10%).

Vivify – Reduced healing by 25% for Mistweaver.

Rapid Diffusion – Now does not override existing Renewing Mists that are longer than 6 seconds.

Attenuation – Cooldown reduction can now trigger up to 10 times (was 5).


Attenuation – Cooldown reduction can now trigger up to 10 times (was 5).

Fury of Xuen – Now grants flat 10% Haste rather than a stat value.


Class Tree

Greater Judgement – Judgement now causes the target to take 20% increased damage from your next Holy Power ability (was 25%).

Seal of Crusader – Increases Holy Damage taken by 3/6% (was 5/10%).

Divine Purpose – Increases the damage of your next holy damage spender by 15% (was 20%).

Zealot’s Paragon – Extension reduced to 0.5 seconds (was 1 second).


Power of the Silver Hand – Now triggers twice a minute on average. Now on the Personal Resource Display.

Tyr’s Deliverance – Now on the Personal Resource Display.

Awakening – Now grants Avenging Wrath for 8 seconds (was 10 seconds).

Saved by the Light – Absorb shield has been increased by 100%.


Light of the Titans – Healing reduced by 25%.


Templar’s Verdict – Damage reduced by 35%.

Final Verdict – Damage reduced by 35%

Zeal – Judgment now causes your next 2 auto attacks to occur 30% faster (was your next 3).

Ashes to Dust – Now 20% chance to reset Wake of Ashes instead of Blade of Justice (was 35%).

Execution Sentence – Deals 10% of damage done (was 20%).

Templar’s Vindication – Changed to a 15% chance of a 10/20% Templar’s Verdict (was 15/30% chance of a 15/30% Templar’s Verdict).

Divine Storm – Damage reduced by 35%.


Class Tree

Binding Heals – Casting Flash Heal on allies with Binding Heals talented now applies Atonement to the Priest. Only applies to Discipline specialization.


Class Tree

Alacrity – Now grants 1% Haste per stack, up to 5 stacks (was 2%, to 4 stacks).

Thistle Tea – Total bonus Mastery granted reduced by 20%.

Find Weakness – Armor ignore value reduced to 15/30% (was 20/40%).


All ability damage reduced by 34%.

Rupture – Damage increased by 22%.

Venomous Wounds – Energy restore reduced to 5 (was 7).

Improved Poisons – Bonus poison chance reduced to 5/10% (was 10/20%).

Venom Rush – Energy restore reduced to 5 (was 8).

Vicious Venoms – Additional Nature damage values restored to 10/20% (was unintentionally 15/20%).

Systemic Failure – Bonus damage reduced to 20% (was 30%).

Twist the Knife – Bonus duration reduced to 2 seconds (was 3 seconds).

Doomblade – Additional Bleed damage reduced to 20% (was 30%).

Deathmark – Damage increased by 227%.

Tiny Toxic Blade – Bonus damage increased to 500% (was 300%).

Poison Bomb – Damage increased by 200%.

Sepsis – Damage increased by 60%.

Kingsbane – Damage increased by 50%.


All ability damage reduced by 14%.

Opportunity – Sinister Strike chance reduced to 30% (was 35%).

Weaponmaster – Bonus strike chance reduced to 5% (was 10%).

Combat Potency – Energy regeneration reduced to 20% (was 30%).

Swift Slasher – Bonus attack speed per combo point reduced to 2% (was 3%).

Fatal Flourish – Chance to restore energy reduced to 60% (was 75%).

Quick Draw – Bonus Pistol Shot damage reduced to 20% (was 50%).

Summarily Dispatched – Duration reduced to 8/15 seconds (was 10/20 seconds).

Greenskin’s Wickers – Bonus Pistol Shot damage reduced to 200% (was 300%).


All ability damage reduced by 17%.


Class Tree

Brimming with Life – Now grants Stamina in arena matches even when Reincarnation is on cooldown.


Corrected an issue that caused Gathering Storms to scale damage incorrectly.

Corrected an issue that prevented Crashing Storms from increasing Crash Lightning’s maximum buff stack cap.

Corrected an issue with Maelstrom Weapon not counting the correct amount of stacks consumed.

Stormflurry – Procs no longer benefit or consume Stormblast’s bonus nature damage effect for Stormstrike.

Windstrike – Cooldown lowered to 7.5 seconds to match Stormstrike’s cooldown.

Thorim’s Invocation – Will now default to Lightning Bolt if you have not used either Lightning Bolt or Chain Lightning before pressing Ascendance.

Thorim’s Invocation – Will no longer consume or benefit from more than 5 Maelstrom Weapon stacks per Windstrike.

Corrected an issue where the 5% bonus from Raging Maelstrom wasn’t functioning when Overflowing Maelstrom was selected.

Lightning Lasso – Now properly affected by Mastery: Enhanced Elements.

Lightning Lasso – Now affected by the Lightning Feral Spirit’s nature damage increase buff.

Doom Winds – Global cooldown now scales with Haste.

Ice Strike – No longer improperly not usable while silenced.


Earthliving Weapon – Healing increased by 250%.


Class Tree

Refactored all bleed effects to ensure they receive damage modifiers correctly and can critical strike correctly.

Barbaric Training (Protection) – Revenge now deals 25% increased damage (was 20%).


Slaughtering Strikes – Now correctly consumed by Rampage when using Annihilator.

Berserker Stance – Now increases auto attack damage by 15% (was 10%).


Champion’s Bulwark – Now correctly doesn’t consume charges of Shield Block or trigger cooldowns of Shield Block.

Violet Outburst – Now grants 100% increased Rage generation for Shield Slam and Thunderclap and includes benefits any existing rage generation modifiers on those abilities. Its tooltip is now updated to correctly represent its functionality.



Cross-faction has been enabled for Rated Solo Shuffle. Horde and Alliance can now match and play against each other.



Class Tree

Bounding Stride – Cooldown reduction now has 50% effectiveness in PvP. Speed increase now has 70% effectiveness in PvP.

Double Time – Cooldown reduction now has 50% effectiveness in PvP.




3 extra bars are added, enable them by going to Options > Gameplay > Action bars.

The Guild banner art in the minimap have been updated.

Added an option to play a sound when the player is in range to use the Interact Key.