The known issues list has been updated for phase 2 of the Dragonflight pre-patch! 

Known Issues (Source)

The second Dragonflight Pre-expansion patch is now live. Please read on for a list of known issues that we’re working on, and further information about this update.

Updated November 15


Swapping between Choice Nodes on the Talent tree may not properly swap the abilities on player’s action bars.

(Covenants) The Deepening Bond effect earned through Renown incorrectly states that it increases players’ stamina. These effects have been adjusted to increase movement speed in patch 10.0.2 and their tooltip will be fixed in the near future.

Classes with Starter Builds updated in patch 10.0.2 may experience issues with Starter Builds. Players in Starter Build mode when the patch launches will still have the previous Starter Build. If you are having issues with Starter Build, leave Starter Build by changing a talent or selecting a different loadout, and then reselect Starter Build to get the updated build. At a future date, all players with outdated Starter Builds will be removed from Starter Build mode on login. You can then reselect Starter Build to get the updated build.

Death Knight

If a duplicated Soul Reaper triggers after Dancing Rune Weapon expires, it will not deal damage.


Bloodshot is incorrectly increasing Death Strikes’ damage before the Blood Shield is created.

Demon Hunter

Shattered Restoration does not increase the healing of Soul Fragments from Shattered Souls.

Shattered Restoration does not update the tooltip values of Shattered Souls.


Prowl cannot be use while Incarnation: Avatar of Ashamane is active.


(PvP) Freedom of the Herd tooltip incorrectly mentions a 1-minute cooldown reduction instead of a 15-second cooldown reduction.


Empowerment Spells are unable to be released through Hold and Release with mouseover macros.

The empowered casting bar pip may become desynced when reselecting an Evoker casting an empowered spell.

Soar can potentially cause a disconnect when using a game controller.

Time Stop (PvP Talent) can cause Eternity Surge and Spiritbloom to have a longer than intended empower time.

Blizzard Customer Support Article – Common Dracthyr Evoker Questions


Call of the Wild’s summon pet temporarily prevents the use of Mend Pet.

Fortitude of the Bear tooltip does not mention its heal effect.

Serrated Shots does not increase damage from Hit the Mark.


Flanking Strike can be cast from unintended angles with no error dialogue.



Ashes to Ashes is granting an incorrect amount of secondary stats.



Contrition: Rank 1 and Rank 2 tooltips are the same. This is an issue with the text on the tooltip not the ability, it will be resolved in a later patch.


Duskwalker’s Patch incorrectly references Vendetta, which no longer exists. It now affects Deathmark and the tooltip will be updated in a later patch.

Replicating Shadows extra Rupture does not correctly prefer targets that are not afflicted by Rupture.

Shadowstep does not function with a focus macro on enemy targets.


Lightning, Earth, and Water Shield’s auras disappear upon entering an instance or logging out.


Windspeaker’s Lava Resurgence buff aura is consumed if a Lava Burst is cast before Earth Shock.


Dance of Death does not always grant an extra tick of Ravager.

Deft Experience is granting 1.4% Mastery per rank (instead of 1%).

Dance of Death does not always grant an extra tick of Ravager.

Dungeons and Raids

The prologue version of Uldaman is listed under “Exile’s Reach” in the Group Finder.

Fated Raid icons are not present for current Fated raid(s) in the Adventure Guide Raid tab


Neltharax, Enemy of the Sky’s stacking buff Heaven’s Nemesis does not work.

Player Characters

After the creation of a Dracthyr on one realm, the creation of a subsequent Dracthyr on a different realm may appear to be unavailable. To work around this display issue, close the game and log back in.

The Faction Change service cannot be used to change the faction of a Dracthyr.

Bag slots granted by adding an authenticator may remain locked for players who properly have an authenticator.

Level 10 player characters have an iLvl requirement to do Shadowlands dungeons in Chromie Time.

Some Cloth, Mail, and Plate dungeon sets may grant their Transmogrification appearances to unintended classes.


Music may unintentionally stop playing in The Waking Shores.

User Interface

The character select screen may hang after logging in.

Bags other than the player’s primary bag can become invisible.

The Party Frame Portrait may be empty for an Evoker.

Rogue Combo points as shown on the Personal Resource Display can become visually desynced.

The Mailbox open-all function will occasionally fail to place all mail in the player’s inbox.

The settings for Debuff Display on Raid-Style Party Frames are not working as intended.

In the Guild/Community window, players may be aligned far to the left and only display their name.

Portraits for the gnoll bosses on the quests “A Precision Approach” and “Who’s Next” are not displaying their spell effects.

Party Frames cannot be the target of SetBindingClick due to being unnamed frames.

WoW Companion App

Assaults do not appear on the map.

Pets that have been filtered by pet level and then purchased may differ from what was displayed.