The Dragonflight pre-patch launched today! Find out what’s available on live servers in Phase 1!

The Dragonflight pre-patch launches in two phases. The first phase was enabled on live servers earlier today and contains the following features:

Revamped Talents – All classes now have two trees available — A Class Tree and a Specialization Tree. You can easily save, import or share builds with friends!

Class Changes – All classes received adjustments in the pre-expansion patch. 

New HUD UI – The default World of Warcraft User Interface has been updated for the first time since the game launched in 2004. 

8 New Race/Class Combinations – All classes can roll Mages, Priests, and Rogues in the pre-expansion patch.

New Collector Achievements and Rewards – You’ll receive a new mount for collecting 500 mounts on a single character and up to 4 new battle pets from the collector achievements.  

Minor Changes – The Dragonflight pre-patch also includes some minor changes and quality-of-life improvements that we highlight below:

Barber Shop services are free of cost.

The character cap per account has been raised to 60.

A new toy that lets you keep your chosen Soulshape even after Shadowlands has been added.

Additional gamepad support has been implemented.

Resurrection Sickness has been changed.

While we’re in the Dragonflight waiting room, you have more than enough time to experiment with the new talent builds until November 15, when Phase 2 of the pre-patch launches, which includes:

Playable Evokers for those who pre-ordered Dragonflight.

The Dragonflight Pre-Patch Event & Uldaman Dungeon on Normal difficulty.